10x10 Storage Unit Size

10x10 Storage Unit Size

An 8-foot ceiling is typical for a 10x10 storage space, providing renters with an extra 800 cubic feet of packing space. But since every facility varies, check the ceiling height at the Storage near you and measure to make sure. 

You can visualize a storage unit the size of a small bedroom or half a one-car garage when visualizing a 10x10 unit. 

Is this a big enough storage unit for a two-bedroom apartment? 

Most of our self storage units 10x10 are large enough to fit the contents of an entire living room or two bedrooms, boxes included. 10x10 self storage units can also hold multiple mattress sets and appliances. Always ensure the items are stacked for a better fit.

The 10x10 storage unit is perfect for an 800 square foot two-bedroom apartment. If your apartment or home is larger than 800 square feet, then the 10x15 storage unit or 10x10 storage unit may be more suitable. 

What does a 10x10 storage unit look like? 

Storage units 10x10 offer convenient storage during a home renovation project or for students moving apartments. These units are approximately the length and width of one car garage or half the width and length of one car garage. 

The 10x10 unit you receive will look slightly different depending on the amenities you have chosen and the location you select.

10x10 Storage Unit Items

What can you fit in a 10x10 storage unit?

Self storage rooms 10x10 can contain items from up to three rooms. They're a great size for stuff stored in two bedrooms, an entire family room, small one or two-bedroom apartments, or a modest one- or two-bedroom condo. Mattress sets, desks, couches, dining room sets, and multiple boxes can easily be stored in a 10x10 storage unit, as well as larger appliances and furniture. 

Storage units that are ten feet by ten feet are perfect for storing boxes, records, documents, and inventory rolling carts for small businesses. 

Can a car fit in a 10x10 storage unit? 

A 10x10 vehicle storage unit is too small to accommodate most compact, and hatchback cars and even smaller cars cannot be moved there either. We have plenty of big, dedicated parking spaces if you need them. A 10x20 vehicle storage unit gives enough space for most cars. 

If you intend to store a motor vehicle in a storage unit, please inquire at your local storage facility regarding vehicle storage policies. Whether you're looking for storage space for nothing more than a bike or any vehicle that has wheels, we can accommodate almost anything. 

How many boxes fit in a 10x10 storage unit? 

There is no straightforward formula that will let you know how many boxes a 10x10 self storage unit will accommodate. If you used only medium-sized boxes with dimensions of about 20 by 20 inches, an approximately 144-box unit could be accommodated! However, 100 boxes is a viable number since you'll have ample space at the top to close the door, along with creating an aisle to access boxes toward the back of your space.

Your 10x10 storage unit will accommodate the number of boxes you choose to store in addition to your sofa, desk, chairs, and shelves. What else you choose to store in your storage unit will determine the total number of boxes you can store. 

How do you pack a 10x10 storage unit? 

Packing properly can help you maximize the available space of a 10x10 storage unit, fitting the items from about three full bedrooms. Keep in mind that Storage packing recommendations are guidelines, not rules. There are restrictions on how many items you can pack in your 10x10 storage unit if some of them are oversized or have large boxes. Here's how to go about packing: 

  • Create and maintain a list of all your items and boxes. Label everything appropriately. Organization is important. 
  • Select a few standard box sizes. This makes it easier to stack boxes strategically. 
  • Box everything you can. Loose items aren’t ideal. 
  • Shelving can maximize a storage area, allowing you to stack things vertically. 
  • Covers for your mattress and furniture prevent scuffs or scratches and can help fend off unwanted dust bunnies. 

What size moving truck should I get for a 10x10 storage unit? 

10x10 storage units are more popular than ever, whether you are renting for extra garage space or moving to an apartment. A 15-foot truck is the ideal size to consider; however, the exact size depends on the shape, size, and number of items you intend on storing. 

The length of time you need for packing a moving truck varies from how long you need to store your goods in a 10x10 storage unit. If you're packing a truck, you might not need much room to move around. You'll likely need more space in a self storage unit with a 10x10 space for accessibility. It's always a good idea to create a plan and then measure what you intend to store before renting a truck or making a self storage unit.

10x10 Storage Unit Prices

How much does a 10x10 storage unit cost? 

There are a few factors that impact the overall price of a 10x10 self storage unit. Your local storage facility's location, unit availability, and selected unit features impact your cost. If you book your unit online, you can always compare prices, features, and amenities. 

How do I find cheap 10x10 storage units near me? 

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