5x15 Storage Unit Size

How big is a 5x15 storage unit?

5x15 units, or 75 square feet, usually have a width of 3 feet and a length of 15 feet. It is a great-sized storage unit measuring the size of a large walk-in closet. We have many facilities offering 8-foot ceiling units, which are capable of holding up to 600 cubic feet of goods. 

Your nearest location's height and availability will vary based on location. Visit the storage facility to find out the exact dimensions at their location.

What can you fit in a 75-square-foot storage unit?

If you are moving out of a small apartment and have a lot of belongings to store, a 75-square-foot storage unit is a great option as it holds an entire bedroom's worth of stuff, with extra space for a few more things.

What does a 5x15 storage unit look like?

5x15 storage units are roughly the same size as a walk-in closet in a home. We have enough space in these storage units for you to walk around, stand and look at your stored items. 

How do you pack a 5x15 storage unit?

The maximum benefit you can get from your 5x15 storage unit is to effectively utilize vertical space. When packing the unit, get the most out of the vertical space by stacking boxes on top of one another. Use heavy boxes on the bottom and lighter boxes on the top to accomplish this without creating a safety hazard.  

The 75-square-foot storage unit you choose should give you plenty of room for arranging your items, so a narrow aisle will allow you easy access to your properly labeled boxes in the event you only need one or two things out of storage.

5x15 Storage Unit Items

What can I fit in a 5x15 storage unit? 

You can store boxes and furniture in this unit that can hold a living room and a dining room. If you're moving or remodeling your home, this is an excellent option for storing boxes and furniture like sofas, desks, kitchen tables and chairs, and more. 

Can a queen-size bed fit in a 5x15 storage unit?

Yes! A 10x10 storage unit can accommodate a king-sized bed and its box spring, giving you 100 square feet of storage space. If you need to store additional items, our 10x10 storage units can also accommodate three rooms.

Is a 5x15 storage unit big enough for temporary furniture storage during a home renovation?

In case you are remodeling a smaller room, a 5x15 storage unit would be sufficient. If your project involves remodeling a smaller kitchen or bedroom, a 5x15 storage unit would also be sufficient.

5x15 Storage Unit Prices

How much does a 5x15 storage unit cost?

Prices for 5x15 storage units can fluctuate depending on location and availability of space. You can upgrade your Public Storage unit to include climate control and other features at a higher cost. Find 5x15 storage units near me to get started. A free reservation, no long-term commitment, and competitive storage prices are included with each self storage unit.

How do I find cheap 5x15 storage units near me?

We are the leading self storage provider in the world. We have medium-sized storage units as small as 5x15 at most of our facilities. Some storage locations offer free weekly moves, but we also have a large number of cheap storage units available nationwide.