10x30 Storage Unit Size

What is the ideal 10x30 storage unit size? 

The 10x30 storage unit, of course! If you're in need of a 10x30 storage unit for your business or residential needs, then don't worry because we've got you covered. 10x30 units are perfect for anyone who wants to store anything from small tools to large furniture items. 10x30 storage units are typically 10 feet wide by 30 feet long. This size of 10x30 is the most popular for businesses and can be used in homes to store large items or multiple smaller ones. If you have any questions regarding 10x20s, please feel free to reach out!

Our 10x15 unit is a great option if you need more space than a small closet, but not as much as an average 10x25 unit offers. Our 10 x 20's include many different sizes; we offer something perfect for every budget! Come check us out at [Location] today! 10x30 storage units are spacious and can hold a variety of items. 10x30 evens out to be 10 feet wide, 10 feet tall, and 30 feet long. This is the most popular size for businesses because it offers enough space for multiple smaller things and larger objects like furniture or tools. Please contact us if you have any more questions about our 10 x 20's!


How Big is a 10' x 30' Self Storage Unit?

10x30 feet is 300 square feet. This space would fit the contents of a small apartment or all the belongings of a 5-person family.

Should I Get a Moving Truck for a 10' x 30' Storage Unit?

1-Yes. Get a truck.

2-No! Unless you have many other 10x30 storage units nearby, it will not be worth your while to spend the money on a moving truck just for one move.

3-Yes! If you need to use this space for only 1 month every year, get the smaller size of UHaul Truck and keep driving distance in mind when choosing a location for this storage unit. This way, you can get multiple small trucks instead of renting a big one and make more room available towards other needs in your life.

4-Nope! Keep looking until you find a spot within 5 miles from where you're going to be storing things - 

Are There Options for Smaller Sizes Than 10' x 30' Storage Units?

Yes, we offer various sizes, and you will want to compare the square footage and cost.


Yes, we offer these in 3'x5', 5'x10', 10'x20', and 10'x30'. As is with all purchases, it comes down to what you need. The more space your things take up, the more space you'll want. For example, if it is mostly clothes, then a larger size may be unnecessary, which saves money for less wear on your clothing when the season changes.

What Fits in a 10' x 30' Self Storage Unit?

This is an impossible question to answer in general because it really depends on what you're storing. 


If you're storing just large things, then the self-storage unit ends up very full. If your storage ends up very full (which most units do), then you can find yourself boxed in with no room for more stuff. So unless the 10x30 unit has some room at the front and back, they are mostly unusable; if this isn't mentioned in the description, they probably don't have any extra usable space (other than their small door). A typical 10x30 HDP that's 6 ft tall will hold 226 cubic feet of air per row, which amounts to 6164 cubic feet total.