15x20 Storage Unit Size

If you need a storage unit, then this article is for you. Here we will discuss the most common questions people have when looking to rent a 15x20 storage unit.


What size does it come in? 

The standard size of a 15x20 storage unit is 15 feet x 20 feet, but there are other options available as well. For example, you might want to look into 10x10 or 5x5 units if your needs are more limited.

How much money do I need to pay upfront? When renting a storage unit, many companies require an upfront payment before allowing access to the space inside their facility. This could be anywhere from $30-$400, depending on the company.


How does it work? 

If you are renting a storage unit, then there is typically no contract required. You will be able to rent the storage space month-to-month with no initial commitment. This means that you can choose when to move in and how long your items will remain at their facility. Make sure to ask about any special fees that might be required for having access to your space.


What are the most common items stored? 

Many people find it useful to store furniture, boxes of clothing, trunks, and other household goods at their storage unit facility. There is also a popular trend among college students who use self-storage facilities as extra dorm room space during breaks.


What size storage unit do I need?

The most common sizes for a storage unit are:

- 15ft x 20ft (60 square feet) - the standard size of a 15x20 storage unit. This is large enough to store many items, but not too big that you will get lost in it. The only downside to a 15x20 storage unit is that it might be too big for some small spaces.

- 20ft x 30ft (120 square feet) - this is double the size of your standard 15x20, so you will definitely have more room when using this option. The only problem with getting such a large space is that there may not be enough space for you to access it.

- 30ft x 40ft (180 square feet) - this is the largest size that many storage companies offer, but there are some willing to go as big as 100 ft by 200 ft! However, getting a 30x40 unit might take up too much room if your needs aren't so large.

- 40ft x 60ft (240 square feet) - if you are looking for the largest storage unit possible, then this is it! However, with such a large space comes increased costs and limited access to your items. Make sure that you only use this size of the unit if absolutely necessary.